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NAVA 110 Land Measurement GPS
NAVA® 110 Land Measurement GPS
Rugged, professional handheld GPS for land measurement
>> 48 channels, high sensitive GPS receiver
>> Readable under strong sunlight
>> IPX7
>> Automatic farmland area & length measurement
>> One key to get total price
>> Slope area measurement
>> Easy to operate

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• NAVA 110 Land Measurement GPS is a new high-tech product independently researched and developed by BHCnav, which is functioned with Area & Length & Circumference & Price setting & Total Fare Calculation.
• It measures the length, width and area of the farm through satellites, and also has the function of unit price set and fare calculating.
• The product has been widely used in many agricultural activities for its creative handheld design and high performance and price ratio.
• NAVA 110 Land Measurement GPS is a very helpful tool for users’ outdoor land measurement. It enjoys high reputation from users especially from forestry and agriculture.

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NAVA handheld  GPS Brochure
NAVA110 professional GPS for Land Measurement Brochure
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