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NAVA® F60 is an ideal rugged GPS and GLONASS receiver for a large range of applications from agriculture, forest, surveying, mining and more outdoor works...
>> Fully featured with 3-axile, Electronic       Compass, Barometric Altimeter and       Thermometer
>> 2.2" QVGA, 240X320 pixels, transflective color       display readable under sunlight
>> Supports GPS and GLONASS
>> Worldwide basemap preloaded, and also       supports Vector map (city detail map), DEM       map and Raster map
>> Multiple GPS data formats to share, including       GPX, SHP, MIF, CSV, KML, DXF, and TXT

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• NAVA® F60 is a full-featured handheld GPS and GLONASS receiver, with its high-sensitivity, WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN, MSAS-enable GPS receiver, NAVA® F60 locates your position quickly and precisely and maintains its GPS location even in heavy cover and deep canyons.
• NAVA® F60 has an enhanced 2.2", 65K color, 240x320 pixels, sunlight-readable display. Durable, portable and waterproof.
• Worldwide basemap preloaded, and NAVA® F60 also supports Vector map (City detail map), DEM map, and Raster map.
• NAVA® F60 lets you share your waypoints, tracks, routes in multiple GPS data formats, including GPX, SHP, MIF, CSV, KML, DXF, and TXT via NAVA GPS Office software.
• NAVA® F60 is an ideal rugged GPS and GLONASS receiver for a large range of applications from Agriculture, Forest and Biology, Mining, Surveying, Nautical, Hydrographic studies, Engineering disciplines,Geographical (GIS) and Urban information systems,Municipalities and Public works directorates, Electricity, Electronics, Geological studies, Sporting, National Real Estate-land survey directorates, Remote sensing, Public sector and institutions, Planning and First draft projects...
• Barometric altimeter, 3-axis E-compass, Thermometer.

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Brochure for NAVA F60 and F30


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