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GISA M20 GIS Data  Controller
GISA® GIS Data Controller M20
The Most popular handheld GIS Data Controller with communication module.
>> Professional and Industrial GIS Controller.
>> Flexible operation system:--Windows Mobile       6.1/Windows Mobile 6.0.
>> Multi-interface for data transfer.
>> Excellent communication module.

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• The GISA® GIS M20 handheld is a durable, lightweight handheld that integrates an array of powerful features.

Providing integrated cellular data and voice call capability, photo capture, and high yield GPS positioning, the M20 handheld will empower and increase the efficiency of your entire mobile workforce.

The long life battery of the GISA M10 handheld allows GPS data collection for a full working day, without the need for recharging.

As part of the GISA family of GPS solutions, the GISA M20 handheld is fully compatible with the most popular Mapping & GIS software, such as Arcpad, DigiTerra and SurvCE. giving you a choice of GIS data collection and maintenance software.

Compatibility with high capacity microSD cards provides ample storage for large applications, data and raster background maps, or even entire projects.
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