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GISA M50 GIS Data  Controller
GISA® GIS Data Controller M50
Premium, rugged, handheld GPS with camera, microphone, and speaker to record all your actions and navigate the outdoors
>> 3 mega-pixel Camera
>> Built-in Barometric altimeter, E-compass, etc.
>> 3.5 Inch Touch Screen
>> Integrated high-sensitivity multidirectional       GPS antenna

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• The GISA® GIS M50 handheld is a durable, lightweight handheld that integrates an array of powerful features.

Providing integrated cellular data and voice call capability, photo capture, and high yield GPS positioning, the M50 handheld will empower and increase the efficiency of your entire mobile workforce.

In applications such as natural resource data collection, public works asset inspection, and mobile workforce management where high productivity is critical, the M50 handheld is ideal.

Incorporating a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, it has been specifically designed to maximize yield of positions in difficult environments such as under forest canopy and up against buildings.

For these types of applications, the M50 handheld can be used in real time with its integrated SBAS receiver to achieve 2 to 5 meter positional accuracy. When higher accuracy is required to meet company or regulatory standards.

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