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GISA Tablet PC P50
GISA® Tablet PC P50
GISA® P50 is integrated with intelligent operating system, high performance GNSS positioning and industrial protection with applications in National Land, Electricity, Pipeline Patrol (Such as water pipeline, gas pipeline, etc) and geographical mapping, etc.
>> Large Dimension Full Touchscreen Operation
>> High Performance GNSS Positioning
>> Android 4.1 OS
>> Integration of Multi-Communication Modes
>> Industrial Protective Performance

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• Large Dimension Full Touchscreen Operation
GISA® P50 enjoys 7'' TFT capacitive screen, delicate graphic and large visual display, clear sunlight readability, multipoint touchscreen, flexible and intuitive screen operation.

High Performance GNSS Positioning
Distinct from tablet pcs for civil use, GISA® P50 is internally installed with professional GNSS modules and GNSS antenna specially designed, available of GPS differentiation (SBAS) and ensure high precision positioning.

Industrial Protective Performance
GISA® P50 has passed elaborate design and testing, characteristic of being waterproof, dustproof with IP67 protection rating, offering you the best guarantee of field operations under severe enviroment.

Integration of Multi-Communication Modes
GISA® P50 creates communication-based platform for all walks of industrial applications with integration of 3G, Bluttooth, Wi-Fi and even more. GISA® P50 supports Multi video, audio play formats, pictures browse and E-book, built-in E-compass, G-Sensor, installed with 2MP Front Camera, 5MP Rear Camera, in supply with rich sources for industry data collection applications.

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