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  NAVA 110 Land Measurement GPS
1. Q: What is NAVA 110 ?
  A: It is an easy, simple calculating tool for land daily workers. It is an area, length and price calculator.
2. Q: Which market segments are addressed by the NAVA 110 now ?
  A: Agriculture
    Water land
    Natural resources
    Environmental control
    Farming & Stock-Raising
3. Q: What can NAVA 110 do ?
  A: Measuring area of land of any shape
    Measuring length of displacement
    Measuring slope land area
    Working on farming tractor
    Showing land profile
    Unit-price setting
4. Q: What is the GPS accuracy ?
  A: NAVA has 48 channels with stand-alone: 2.5m
5. Q: What is the most important thing need to be confirmed before you place big     order for NAVA 110 ?
  A: Unit of area and length is fine for your country
    Length: m, Km
    Area: square meter, Acre
    Price unit:USD
6. Q: Does it possible to ask for changing the device into your language ?
  A: Yes ,with over 400 sets/batches, we can install your own language.
7. Q: Does NAVA110 can mark points and record points ?
  A: NAVA 110 can’t mark points when calculating regular field and output the area and land profile; it can not record waypoints information independently. In case you need device which can mark waypoints and save to memory, we suggest you use other NAVA handheld GPS (NAVA 200, 300, 400 or 600).
8. Q: What is the power supply ?
  A: Two standard AA batteries
9. Q: What is the warranty for NAVA 110 ?
  A: One year warranty for non-human damage
10. Q: If I broke the device, how can fix it ?
  A: Please contact us local distributor for repair. We train every distributor how to maintenance.
11. Q: Can NAVA 100 work with tractor ?

A: Yes,it can work efficiently with tractor to calculate area.

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